A Message From the Friarfighters

The previously planned demonstration will not be taking place on Saturday. Read why below:

Greetings fellow Friars.

Today is a glorious day. A message from the President of Providence College was released this afternoon, which has declared, effective immediately, that sexual orientation and gender identity is now included in our institution’s non-discrimination policy.

What a victory indeed! We are celebrating the protection of human rights and the substantiation of faith in good will. We have been very pleased with the cooperation this administration has showed so far. They have proven that they are willing to engage with an active student voice.

We were never just hoping for academic freedom: we were fighting for it. And although we will not be demonstrating tomorrow please do not misunderstand this as the end of the fight. The administration responded by the 5:00 deadline, but their response included one third of the answers we sought. We will remain active, watching attentively and seeking the help of all Friars to fight, not hope, to achieve the vision of Providence that is beginning to coalesce into existence.

We wish you a very merry St. Dominic’s weekend.

May Veritas be with you,

-The Friarfighters-

Emanuele Abbrancati
Jeffrey Copland
Matthew Henry Smith
Omar Terrones
Nicholas Wallace
Anna E. Vechi
Kiley Leduc


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