Faculty Senate Action on Academic Freedom

Check out Faculty Senate Resolution 13-14-00-01 regarding the cancellation of Dr. Corvino’s lecture, academic freedom on campus, and the treatment of faculty by the administration.

“Whereas, the Providence College Administration:

  • cancelled an academic talk with no consultation with the organizer and used a non- existent college policy as justification;
  • publicly asserted that the organizing faculty member knowingly violated the non- existent policy;
  • publicly undermined the academic reputation of another faculty member without any consultation with said member as to her readiness to offer a response in the academic talk;
  • damaged the academic reputation of the college by portraying us as intolerant of our LBGTQQIAA students and unwilling to have an open discussion of these issues on campus;
  • by its actions have called into question academic freedom on this campus.

Resolved, the Faculty Senate demands the following:

  • that the PC Administration publicly retract their decision and restore the academic talk according to the best judgment of the organizer, Dr. Christopher Arroyo, and his sponsors;
  • that the PC Administration publicly apologize to Dr. Corvino;
  • that the Administration abide by the Faculty Handbook statement on academic freedom at Providence College;
  • that the Administration work to restore the academic reputation of Providence College and the reputations of Professors Christopher Arroyo and Dana Dillon.

-Faculty Senate, 10/2/13


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