Revealing Error?

Posted this afternoon by Professor Tom King on the “Fighting For Academic Freedom” Facebook event page:

“With regard to academic freedom, the college just changed its policy for reserving a room on campus. A professor just tried to reserve a room for his honors colloquium, and received the following response: “I’ll be glad to book a room for your speakers. However, as a result of a meeting that I had earlier this week, we have to now ask who will be speaking and the general topic for any lecture event with a speaker.”

This is not the fault of the good folks those who take our reservations; this was an administrative decision made earlier this week.”

Posted by Professor Joe Cammarano, 5:27 PM:

“Turns out it was a mistake by an administrative staff. HOWEVER, it completely applies to anything related to rooms reserved outside of a specific class, including departmental programming. AND, as usual, the brunt of control is targeted at students trying to use classrooms for things that might be problematic…”


Friarside wonders: have the events of this week prompted a quick and quiet beefing up of existing restrictions on student assemblies/activities? Was the administrative assistant’s mistake the result of a miscommunication of such a crack-down order? Is the administration operating under the same silence and closed-door protocol that to a large extent caused this controversy?


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