All Are Welcome: Thursday, 9/26. 6:30. ’64 Hall.

Join students, faculty, alumni, and other community members in open dialogue regarding recent events on campus. The event has been moved to ’64 Hall to accommodate a large number of participants.

Dialogue on the Meaning of (Gay) Marriage and Academic Freedom

’64 Hall – 6:30 pm

Ground Rules

§ Create and maintain a safe space.

§ Listen actively and respectfully.

§ Each person gets a chance to talk.

§ One person talks at a time. Don’t cut people off.

§ Speak for yourself, and not as the representative of any group.

§ If you are bothered by something that was said, say so, and say why.

§ It’s OK to disagree, but personal attacks are not allowed.

6:30 pm Welcome, Overview, and Student Testimonials

6:50 pm Small Group Conversations

  • Why is open and honest dialogue about gay marriage important to you? To the broader PC community?
  • How do we stay true to Providence College’s identity as a Catholic, liberal arts institution? Is this a matter of balance?
  • What are the challenges to having honest dialogues around this issue? How might we overcome these challenges? How can we prevent this from happening again in the future?
  • What should our next steps be, and what resources do we need to implement them? What do we want to see the administration do?

7:15 Large Group

  • Where do we go from here?

Friarside Chats applauds the organizers of this important event. Among the key organizers is our very own Nick Wallace. We thank everyone who will be attending for their participation and commitment to Providence College.


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