Dear 2017: Ten Things I Would Tell My Freshman Self… (in no particular order)

LexiThumbnailLexi Moubarak ’15
  1. Don’t drink on a Wednesday night when you have a Civ quiz the next morning.  You will not pass.
  2. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours and ask for extra help when needed.  THEY ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP.
  3. If you are going to break parietals in McDermott, make sure you pee before 2 am.
  4. Take advantage of the Campus Ministry Center, there is always free food, and you’ll always find smiling faces.  Also, Father Cuddy and Father Brophy are two people you want to get to know.
  5. Don’t wear 6-inch heels to a house party.  Not only will your shoes get ruined, you will wipe out down the stairs.
  6. You have to read for Civ if you want to know what is going on in class.
  7. Join clubs, it is the best way to meet people that share the same interests as you!!
  8. There is free printing in The Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies.  Also, you can print in the computer labs in Accino and Howley.
  9. Going out 4 times a week gets really old. You have 4 years!  Don’t succumb to FOMO.  Rest when you need it and take advantage of all the other activities the city and the school has to offer!!  You do not need to drink to go out and you most certainly should never feel like there is nothing else to do but drink.
  10. Do your homework during the day!!!  Don’t wait till after dinner when friends are hanging out or going out.  Take advantage of all the spare time you have between classes.  Hit up the library or Slavin and bang out a few pages of reading here and there!  You have more time than you think.

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