We Are PC

mattdefaultMatthew Henry Smith ’16

These aren’t the words of a sagely senior, nor a misty-eyed graduate deserving of every accolade and recognition. But after I having two semesters of civ under my belt, I have some thoughts for your reading pleasure.

As is usual for me, last night I went for a walk, (in the cool of the evening). I thought about the year. I thought about the storms.

I thought about the winds that blew with such ferocity during Sandy that they put our families in jeopardy. I thought about being snowed in when Nemo threatened to keep classes from convening. I thought about the storms of racism in publication, of bombings in Boston, of violence on and off campus.

But, in the cool of the evening, walking with a friend by the joyful forsythia and under the boughs of the magnolia tree, I remembered that Sandy didn’t hit here as hard as we’d thought it would (praise the Lord). I remembered that despite the snow and the winds of Nemo, Big Tony’s still delivered. I remembered that the champions of inclusion in our community rose to meet the challenges of diversity, that Boston was strong, and that the indefatigable spirit of celebration on this campus was not extinguished by violence on the streets of Providence.

My thoughts, in the cool of the evening, were not blissfully ignorant to the challenges we faced: they were proud of the things my Friar community was able to face without hesitation and in spite of adversity.

In my short time here, it is abundantly apparent to be that the students and the faculty have a vision of Providence that comes from a love for this school that I have come to know, and even as I write this, it makes me smile.

In some cases, we knew spring was coming. In others, we manifested spring all around us. According to the tweets of Steve Sears, “WE ARE PC.”

Certainly so.

God Bless you and have a wonderful summer.


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