Think Outside The Bottle!

-Guest Chat-

Sarah Fitzgerald

On the heels of a campus-wide World Water Week celebration (did you see that sculpture?) and mounting campus buzz about the dubious effects of bottled water on our health and the environment, Student Congress is set to vote on a forward-thinking piece of legislation which would prohibit clubs and organizations from using allocated funds to purchase bottled water.

Here’s the deal: water is a basic human right, not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit. But even if you aren’t looking at the issue from a human rights angle, it’s simply silly for Providence College to be wasting resources on purchasing bottled water. Why spend money on a product that is less safe and less regulated when a cheap, environmentally friendly, healthy alternative comes straight from the tap?

Thanks to the grassroots education efforts of the Think Outside the Bottle campaign, voting on this piece of legislation should be a no-brainer for the members of Student Congress. Over 700 students have signed the pledge to choose tap over bottled water, numerous clubs including BMSA back the initiative, and Father Shanley himself has voiced support for the campaign.

“It’s been an incredible year,” said campaign organizer Lexi Moubarak. “We’ve gone from a campus where hardly anyone knew that Providence has the second cleanest tap water in the nation, to a place where students are proudly toting reusable bottles. Now we’re going beyond individual education and asking Student Congress to set an example for the school by making it an official policy, and a popular one at that!”

Like I said, it’s a no-brainer. Student Congress has the opportunity to step up and make our campus (which, for the record, has abysmal environmental ratings) just a little greener. Tap water is better for our health, better for the environment, and better for the budgets of clubs and organizations. It’s that simple.


If you feel strongly about this piece of legislation, please reach out to your class officers and representatives before the vote on 4/2/13 at 5:30 PM.


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