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mhagandefaultMichael Hagan ’15

Let’s give credit where credit is due- Father Shanley told it how it is with this line in his email to the school community today about US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s upcoming visit to Providence College:

“I do not believe that any reasonable person could argue that the opinion of a sitting senator on the state of Congress is not academically valuable.”

For those who don’t know, Senator Whitehouse will be delivering a lecture entitled “An Effective Congress for the 21st Century” this Friday at 6:30 in the Smith Center Concert Hall. A reception will be held before the lecture in the Bowab Theater at 5:45.

I am relieved that our school will not bend to the misguided calls of some community members to bar the Senator from sharing his valuable perspective simply because some of his views do not align with the teachings of the Church. I wholly respect that Fr. Shanley publicly acknowledges his deep disagreement with Whitehouse on certain matters. While I do not believe a campus-wide email should have been necessary (this should be a non-issue), I applaud Fr. Shanley for hitting the nail on the head. Right on, Shan-Man! Keepin’ it real!


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