Friendly Reminder: “The University of Notre Dame at Providence College” is not a school…

mhagandefaultBlogging from my phone can be difficult. Excuse any errors, and pardon the lack of organization.

Michael Hagan ’15

Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama! I’m getting away from cashiering back in Maryland for the week, working with the ongoing tornado relief effort, paying a visit to my southern cousins, and enjoying the marginally warmer weather of the American southeast.

Despite my genuine lack of interest in the entire BCS system, I’m in the heart of ‘Bama country, and college football is staring me right in the face. The looming Alabama – Notre Dame championship game has many PC students excited over the Irish, and – for true Notre Dame fans at PC and everywhere- with excellent reason. Notre Dame fans, I respect you. Fr. Brophy, I’m happy you get to see your alma mater competing on college football’s highest stage. But to those of without real ties to Notre Dame, I’d like to issue a reminder.

Notre Dame bailed on the seven other Big East Catholic colleges. They left us behind knowing full well that our fate was uncertain. A writer for The Cowl suggested that we all support our “Fighting Irish friends,” but I have a different understanding of friendship. Friends don’t betray friends to get their forty pieces of silver and a better shot at the Orange Bowl. Notre Dame does. Notre Dame did. Sorry, but I do not count the decision makers at the University of Notre Dame as friends of Providence College.

I single out Notre Dame because with their traditionally independent football program devoid of any need for conference ties, they were in a unique position among major market schools to become an anchor in the basketball conference that now appears to be rising out of the ashes of the Big East. They don’t need a conference structure to sustain their football program. But even among friends, it appears that money talks, and money drew Notre Dame into a deal with the ACC at their Catholic sister-schools’ mutual expense. Providence College, get angry. Get angry that we’ve been kicked around by Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Louisville among others. More importantly, though, get excited. Get excited that we’ve found out who are true friends are, and that we’re looking forward to a future in which football money will no longer overshadow basketball tradition.

Avoid the bandwagon- don’t get behind a school that walked out on us. But if you’re legitimately hitched up to the wagon, Godspeed.

I just want to make it clear that being a Friar fa does not automatically equate to being a Notre Dame fan. We’ll never be on par with Notre Dame if we behave like their satellite campus. Stand by our friends- St. John’s, Seton Hall, De Paul, Marquette, Villanova, and Georgetown. Though they are our rivals, we have loyalty in common.

I don’t have a horse in the race that is the BCS Title Game, but I will not soon forget the shaft dealt to Providence College and six of our friends by Notre Dame. That sting will keep me off of the Notre Dame bandwagon indefinitely. The grass might not be greener on this side, but it’s our grass, and that counts for something.


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